Welcome to My Website !

Hello everyone, and welcome here!

What's News?

It's been a while since I did anything here... But I'm back again... for now! Changed the design color, added a wordart for the title. I'm adding a few pages as well (mostly working on video games reviews) and a couple of other things. The site is however still under construction! And tbh it will probably stay that way forever :3. I'll keep improving it or adding stuff from time to time (AKA when I'm not being fucking lazy).

What's this website?

It's my personnal little space! 💜
You'll find in here some articles that I wrote (Gaming reviews...), my favorite musics, a few funny things (small flash games, a TV page...). and huh... Some other miscellaneous stuff that I found interresting and wanted to share!
Hope you'll enjoy your stay! Stay safe :3

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